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Resource Teachers: Literacy

Resource Teachers: Literacy (RTLits) are specialist teachers who support and assist schools to meet the needs of students experiencing difficulties in literacy learning. The service is funded by the Ministry of Education. RTLits are employed by a host school and work across a number of schools within a cluster. There are 109 of these positions throughout New Zealand. Three of these positions are based at Christchurch East School, which has 65 client schools.

The RTLits provide short, intensive support to students with high literacy needs. They will also identify those students with persistent learning needs who will require ongoing specialist help. The principle for RTLit intervention is the provision of early, timely and appropriate support for teachers and students.

“RTLit support may focus on reading and/or writing, and/or oral language development. RTLits provide advice, modelling and guidance for classroom teachers who work with students on the RTLit roll. The RTLit may also provide direct instruction to individuals or small groups of students who require intensive instruction.”

A Management Committee is responsible for the management and governance of the cluster.

The Christchurch East Cluster Management Committee members are:

The Resource Teacher: Literacy for your school is:  click here

Referrals should be e-mailed to:  rtlitreferral@chcheast.school.nz using the RTLit Student Referral form below: 

Any queries or concerns about service provided should be sent to:  admin@chcheast.school.nz